Concept & Design

creating a healthy environment

Clover Medical Clinic aims to provide a high quality healthcare with the new concept of specialized medical services through a qualified and fitted building.

Through Clover Medical Clinic we deliver world class healthcare facilities in Kuwait and establish the Clover trademark. The clinic delivers a high standard of clinical excellence to Kuwait’s healthcare sector.

Clover Medical Clinic, with an area of 4000 m2, is composed of 19 stories of 600 m2 each to serve clinics for different specialties, in addition to various facilities including laboratory, pharmacy, radiology units, physical therapy, cafe, and a lot more.

Clover Medical Clinic was carefully designed to make best use of its prime location. The location & design of the building will always stand out as the sharp edges of the prism maximize the visibility from the expressways.

Furthermore, thanks to this monumental design, Clover Medical Clinic offers exceptionally unhindered views from all floors as no facade faces another building’s wall.

The modern exterior architectural design is in line with the superb interior finishing quality of the facility. The indoor fountain and vibrant greenery throughout the facility offer a fitting atmosphere for both doctors and patients.