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Al Mazaya unveils new theme "Aim to Elevate", launches new website


Al Mazaya Holding, region’s leading real estate developer, has unveiled its new theme for the year 2009, "Aim to Elevate", with a new company website, to cater the enhanced progress achieved by the company in its services, products, real-estate funds and human resources.


While commenting on the new theme, Mr. Jasim Al Ghanim, AVP Marketing said: "This year's theme is "Aim to Elevate", which is being derived from our central theme "Aim to Lead", reflects our company's continuous efforts; to utilize the best technologies the world has to offer, to push Al Mazaya on the road to progress, and to make our vision, "To Invest in manpower to build", a reality".

Al-Ghanim expressed further that in addition to the constructive role that Al Mazaya had played, in previous years and the numerous projects it has developed, the initiatives set by Al Mazaya in the past years have all contributed positively to Al Mazaya’s commitment to the external market and the internal market; its employees. Al Ghanim considers the new theme and the launching of the new website are in line with the enhanced progress in the media sector made by the company.

"With this new guideline, Al Mazaya is looking forward to proceed with its programs, real estate products, projects and funds. Whereas the Human Resources development will be achieved through periodic training courses and special training programs to help the employees learn constantly and to gain professionalism in productivity and performance. Al Mazaya will make sure to establish its communications through the latest and state of the art software", added Al Ghanim.

Describing the Al Mazaya's new website, Al Ghanim said "We made sure that the website is on par with the services it offers. The website is an effective means of communication with our clients, and it helps the client to easily get information on the company’s projects. The website also plays an important role in the field of marketing and sales, as well as offers an effective way to attract new clients".

Al Mazaya's website contains company profile, complete information on its projects, the latest news as well as offers information on Al Mazaya's funds, services, subsidiary companies, reports, studies, periodic publications, events, video interviews, and much more.

Al Mazaya Develops Health Clinic Center in Al Jabriya in Kuwait Project to be completed by End of Current year
Eng. Salwa Malhas “Clover Clinics is a new trademark to be spread in Arab Gulf Countries”


Al Mazaya Holding, one of the region's leading real estate developers, has recently entered into the health care field through its development of the “Clover Clinics” project. Covering an area of 4000 square meters in the Al Jabriya district in Kuwait, the “Clover Clinics” development is comprised of 21 floors, with an additional 7-floor adjacent building specified for “Boutique Clinic” service. Al Mazaya aims to develop “Clover” as a trademark that may be used throughout the Gulf region.


Al Mazaya’s move to invest in the health care industry comes as an effort by the company to increase and diversify its portfolio of investments and to strengthen its position in the Kuwaiti market. A study by the Research Management Department at Al Mazaya Holding Co. showed that the Kuwaiti Market lacks specialized facilities across a number of fields, including health care. With many doctors in Kuwait forced to work in substandard conditions, their work, and subsequently the quality of patient care, suffer.

Eng. Salwa Malhas, Executive Vice President at Al Mazaya Holding, is quoted as saying: “In Kuwait, health care centers are originally residential or commercial buildings that are later transformed into clinics. With this in mind we developed “Clover Clinics”, a project that offers numerous features that cater specifically to the needs of health care specialists. This includes features such as sound isolation, sterilization facilities, quality flooring and wide elevators that ease the movement of both doctors and patients.”

Eng. Malhas mentioned that, as development work progresses, Al Mazaya will be meeting with health care specialists to complete the interior design of the project and to equip it with the latest technology. Clients that are interested in investing in the project will be welcomed by Al Mazaya next May, in a special marketing effort that will showcase the project and its features, available plots, prices, etc.

A huge marketing campaign is set to be launched to promote for “Clover Clinics” inside and outside of Kuwait. The marketing team is already engaged in studies to determine expected prices and rent rates. They are also actively engaged in studies aiming to identify doctor’s needs in order to provide the latest and best quality equipment and facilities.

“Clover Clinics is a new trademark that Al Mazaya aims to promote across the GCC countries. This trademark is sure to increase the investment value of Al Mazaya’s already substantial portfolio of investments by introducing a unique product to the market that will help develop the health care real estate sector in Kuwait”, added Eng. Malhas.

Clover Clinics is comprised of 21 floors, with 600 square meters per floor set to house clinics of all sizes. The project will also feature sport medicine laboratories, a “physical therapy” spa, a specialized pharmacy located on the ground floor with an area of 150 square meters, and a basement that holds 200 cars.

Al Mazaya has made a contract to develop the Clover Clinics complex with BOT system. The total cost of the project is expected to amount to KD 7 million, with returns of 15-20% expected. Al Mazaya has awarded Sadeem Al Kuwait Co. the project’s construction work contract, while consultancy duties were awarded to Dar Al Sur Consultancy Co. Clover Clinics is expected to be completed by the end of 2009.

Al Mazaya to showcase 6 projects at Cityscape Dubai 2009


“Clover Clinic” the first and highest medical tower in
Al Jabiryia
Al Mazaya to deliver project in Q1 2010
Salwa Malhas “Clover Clinic is a profitable project, with expected revenues to be added to 2010 budget”


  • 1,00 metre-tall Clover Clinic is highest tower in Al Jabiriya, Kuwait
  • Al Mazaya to deliver Clover Clinic in Q1 2010
  • Huge returns expected to be added to 2010 budget
  • Al Mazaya seeks license for specialized medical center
  • Clover Clinic open for lease for Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti Doctors
  • Al Mazaya to hold open day for medical experts to tour project site

Al Mazaya is getting ready to launch its latest new architectural masterpiece, a thriving project in Al Jabiriya District in Kuwait – Clover Clinic. Upon completion, the 1,00-metre high Clover Clinic project, which is the company’s first investment in the healthcare sector, will be the tallest tower in the district and the first purpose-built medical facility in Kuwait, setting new standards in real estate development.

Eighty-seven percent of the construction work on Clover Clinic has been completed, and a large part of the finishing process in the project’s clinics and amenities, which extend over an area of 4,000 square meters, has also been completed. Delivery of the project is set for Q1 2010.

Al Mazaya is also planning to hold a Clover Clinic open day, where they will invite medical experts to come and take a look at the project features, construction work and amenities, including the X-ray center, the pharmacy and the Boutique Clinic floor, which Al Mazaya has made a series of agreements to provide.

Eng. Salwa Malhas, Executive Vice President of Al Mazaya Holding, said of the project: “Al Mazaya aims to manage Clover Clinic in cooperation with experts in running medical projects, and because we want the best for the project, we have made agreements with international companies to complete the finishing of the project’s clinics, rather than leaving that for the doctors to do. In addition, specialized medical buildings are equipped with the latest technologies and staff with vast medical experience will be selected to manage these buildings. As well as clinics of various sizes catering for the different needs of medical experts, Clover Clinics also features an X-ray center, a state-of-the-art pharmacy and the Boutique Clinic, which is concerned with aesthetic medical practices, complete with separate entrances, offering complete privacy for visitors”.

Al Mazaya is currently seeking a licence to open up a specialized medical center to expand its base of Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaiti doctors. The company has also decided to add a floor dedicated to same-day surgery, dentistry, dermatology, laser surgery and internal diseases, etc.

Clover Clinic will also offer medical specializations new to Kuwait, including a fully-equipped clinic specialized in sleep disorders, a live lab with direct access to worldwide laboratories to get results as fast as possible, and a wellness center for periodic check-ups, early diagnosis of diseases, diagnosis of genetic defects which may cause illness in the future, treating obesity problems, and treating external health problems, such as hair, skin, finger nails, etc.

Malhas added: “Clover Clinic is one of the most important projects in Kuwait right now, as the project fulfils the need for medical projects in light of the advances being made in the healthcare sector in neighbouring countries and Arab countries as a whole. The project is also important to Al Mazaya since it is one of the company’s more profitable projects, and is expected to reap high returns in Q3 2010, which will be added to 2010 budget”.

Clover Clinic consists of 19 floors, each 600 square meters, and clinics of 200, 300 and 600 square meters, with an additional 7-storey building earmarked for ‘Boutique Clinic’ services, with 130 square meters for each floor, as well as medical laboratories, an x-ray laboratory, a physical therapy centre, a specialized pharmacy located on the ground floor, and a basement that holds 200 cars. Clover Clinic will also provide a number of services for visitors, including parking lots and cafes. Al Mazaya has signed a contract to develop the Clover Clinic complex with the BOT system.

Clover Clinic is expected to have a total cost of KD 7 million, with returns of 15-20 percent.